Saturday, June 19, 2010


I walked out of the hospital bone tired, only to be greeted with thunder, lightning and gusts of wind. Dark clouds, pregnant with moisture, hung low in the sky. It was unnaturally dark and eerie. I looked at my watch to check the time; just 5-00 p.m.!!! 

The last time I had looked at the sky was at 7.00 a.m. when the day had dawned, bright and sunny. Thereafter, a difficult delivery, an emergency C-Section, a waiting room full of patients, inpatient rounds and a busy afternoon surgical list had kept me indoors for 10 long hours.

As I walked home, the skies opened. Within minutes, the road resembled a river and I was soaked to the bone. My spirits lifted and I had to restrain myself from dancing in the rain, my age and profession playing spoilsport! All around me, I could hear people cursing the vagaries of the Mumbai monsoons. By the time I reached home, it had stopped raining. Twilight had descended, bathing the sky and air with a translucent, pale pink hue. The world shimmered in its radiance.
Slowly the light dimmed and night fell.

I mentally applauded Nature’s theatrics and remembered a poem I had penned almost 30 years ago………

The sky
A lover
With passion
With rage
Fire and hell
Wild, Wanton, Beautiful.

Her fury
All spent
Weeps softly
Each drop
Jewelled, Bright, Pure.

Through eyes
A smile
Shyly pleading
Sweet laughter
Rainbow-hued, Joyous, Gay.

The sky
A lover
With joy
Of giving
Hope and Life
Union, Bliss, Fulfillment
What a Drama Queen!!!!!
World Theatre at its best!


Anonymous said...

Nice poem... N loved the first picture... what u wrote is so true

Dr. Aunty said...

Thanks . All three pics were taken from my bedroom window . surprisingly this is in Mumbai.