Saturday, June 26, 2010


The 3 most commonly asked questions immediately after the baby is born are:
A] Is it a boy or a girl?  
B] Is he/she ‘normal’?
C] Is he/she fair?
The first 2 are easy to answer but I cringe each time I have to reply to the third, often giving a stock answer,
“Looks just like your husband”; hearing which,
 some look happy while the rest appear a mite dejected! Some desperately ask whether the baby’s appearance is likely to change in the next few days!

Jokes apart, this oh-so-Indian obsession with skin colour and good looks is downright annoying. How boring would the world be if all were cast in the same mould of tall, slim and fair or tall, dark and handsome.

To find beauty in the mundane, the trick is to forget all stereotypes and look closely at the whole picture, with one’s heart as well as eyes.

To illustrate, look at these pics of a butterfly perched on my son’s finger and a moth on my living room floor.

Delicate, colourful, shimmering radiance


Earthy, dramatic, powerful flamboyance

Beauty or Beast??????
You decide. After all, it’s different strokes for different folk!  

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