Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's 1:30 am, Saturday night. Guess what I am doing ? No, it's not what u r thinking ! I am waiting for my patient to deliver. It's really crazy. Her fourth child ! One would think that a sneeze would be enough to put her out of misery. But no ! She has gone beyond her due date, her blood pressure has shot up & now she is in active labour. The night watch begins.

The dilemma in front of me is whether I should go to bed & catch a few winks only to be rudely awakened by the phone as soon as my head touches the pillow ( that's a rule ! ) or should I try & stay awake till called to the L.R. The house is quiet & the only sound is the whirring of the fan & occasional rustling of leaves in the tree just outside my bedroom window.I really wish I had remembered to borrow a book from the library today.Normally my daughter always picks up something to read but , being exam time , no such luck. I have just called the hospital to find out how long she will take. At least an hour, I am informed.

I look out of the window. There is a light shining in a window far away. Wonder who is awake ? Perhaps a mother nursing her child. Maybe a student desperately cramming before exams. Or a movie buff or computer addict eyes glued to the screen. Maybe a couple enjoying a few moments of privacy or kids having a midnight snack. Perhaps an ill person in the house ? A novel so good that it has to be finished or a misery so great that sleep eludes. Whatever the reason, that one shining window in the dark gives me comfort. I am not the only one awake. And so I drift along somewhere between sleep & wakefulness till my call comes.

It's 3:00 am.
The world population has now increased by one. A shower, a cup of cold milk & some Parle G biscuits to bring up my blood sugar & calm the adrenaline surge. I am off to bed. A last thought before sleep takes over - perhaps it's just someone who is afraid of the dark or has forgotten to switch off the light . Whatever ...........

Keep pushing, Goodluck !


sharmila said...

Goodread Rekha!!Esp.'keep pushing'..u can read me @

ashilpa17 said...

Keep pushing Rekha ,keep pushing! That was an excellant delivery for a primi.

saurabh said...

I m impress with your Narration skills(Writing skills). Nice blog to know that what a gynecologist has to go through every day and importantly every night ;). Keep up the good work Ma’am.

sujeet said...

ur blog is very nice. Doctor's have a challanging life. While reading blog. v feel as if v can imagine the real situation of ur life. Keep writing..............! It's realy good.