Friday, April 30, 2010

My very first Blog .. Yippeeeeee!!!! :D

Hey! I'm so excited. My very first blog. I wonder if anyone is gonna read it. Whatever!! Its fun to write. You maybe wondering whats with the handle "Dr.Aunty". Well, that's the name I am most often called by. It started with the neighbourhood kids calling me "Aunty" and their parents calling me "Doctor". Presto, one fine day I was Dr.Aunty. A doctor who is like an aunt or an aunt who is also a doctor. Its a warm feeling.

"Aunty" such an Indian feel to this suffix. While in other countries it works as a prefix like "Aunt Susan", in our country there is this tendency to add an "Eee" to all female relatives like Kaki, Masi, Mami and now, Aunty.

The great thing about this profession especially my specialty(Ob-Gyn) is that you become a part of your patient's family. You celebrate births and console the bereaved. Jobs, maids,pets, meals, clothes, travel plans and even bedroom tales are unhesitatingly shared with complete trust. This is why i love my job and never grudge the long hours i spend at work.

Bye for now. Keep pushing, Good-luck.

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