Sunday, July 25, 2010


Oh no,not again,”

My daughter cried in vain.

Another cancelled movie date

“Your work,  I really hate”.

I sat her close,wiped those tears

Some partly mine,some partly hers.

“A doctor’s job’s not nine to five

’tis a reality show,24/7,live.”

Making plans is just a token

When duty calls,they’re soon forsaken.

Dinner,movies,romantic flings

Take a backseat when the phone rings.

“So,why not quit,” my daughter says,

When only work fills nights and days.

Is it money, Is it fame

What pushes you to play the game?”

I paused to take a closer look,

At the writing in my Life’s book.

The answer lay there,a trifle odd

“In my work, I see God.”


sharmila said...

how true !! and sounds so familiar!

Aanchal said...

i like!! :D

Seema said...

Niku cried?
Even tough she did, aunty we all know she looks up to you :)

MindRevive said...

I love this poem!
Signed, Rachna (shimpa's daughter)